Erin McCune Simplifies Estate Planning with Easeenet

Dec 15, 2021 | Member Spotlight

Oftentimes, a successful entrepreneur is first a problem-solver. They see a need within the marketplace and bring a solution that fits. That’s exactly the case with Erin McCune. After a family emergency revealed a huge need in the estate planning industry, she passionately developed Easeenet to simplify and organize important personal information.

After her father-in-law suffered a sudden stage 4 aneurysm, Erin and her husband were faced with providing care for him, as well as his 88-year-old mother. As part of that process, they also struggled with the tedious challenge of uncovering passwords, and other personal information, to fully manage the two estates. “I realized there’s a lot of room for improvement,” says Erin. “That’s what Easeenet ultimately solves for—where is all my important information? Also making sure that your loved ones have everything they need if something happens to you.”

After careful research and development, Erin launched Easeenet in 2020 to provide an easy password manager to help non-techy users organize and store important documents and login information. Easeenet also allows users to establish access for family members for future estate planning needs. 

As Erin notes, it typically takes more than 500 hours to settle an estate, but she hopes to make the process more efficient with Easeenet. “When you’re already in one of the worst times in your life and you’re dealing with so much—anything we can do to make that process easier on families, that’s what gets us up in the morning.”

Since launching her business, Erin has been focused on growing as a business leader and finding a network of support––something she’s happily found in NAWBO. A member of the NAWBO Oregon chapter since spring of 2021, Erin has already made meaningful connections with other members and has recently been appointed as the chapter’s Chair of Membership. “I’ve met a lot of wonderful members through both the national and local events,” she says.

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As with most businesses, the pandemic required Erin to pivot her strategy in 2020 and has since propelled her to build strong partnerships with businesses like ComForCare, an in-home care service with 180 franchises nationwide. Establishing this strong foundation has already gained attention, as Easeenet was one of four winners at the GSV Startup Bootcamp and was included in the Forbes’ Next 1000 2021 list.

Moving forward, Erin is proud to have the support of her partnerships and organizations like NAWBO to continue to grow a business she’s so passionate about. “Sometimes women business owners want to do it all themselves. But there is so much help out there and people who genuinely want to support you and it’s critical to take them up on it.”

Did You Know?

Erin was recently featured on the business strategy TV show 2 Minute Drill and won $50,000 in cash and prizes for her pitch of Easeenet! You can watch the show on Amazon Prime.

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