Empowering Women to Make a Difference in the Political Sphere

Apr 1, 2011 | Advocacy, Uncategorized

Though we are saddened by last week’s passing of Geraldine Ferraro, we are reminded of the long-lasting impression she has made in the political arena and the impact we as women, with a unified voice, can have.

As the first woman and first Italian-American to run on a presidential ticket, the former New York congresswoman inspired generations of women to take part in the predominately male-led political sphere. Described by former 1984 running mate Walter Mondale as “a remarkable woman and dear human being who broke a lot of molds,” Geraldine forever changed the face of history.

Her groundbreaking strides in politics not only had an effect in Washington D.C., but women nationwide began to take political action and advocacy into their own hands. Whether women are personally involved in politics by holding office or are members of organizations like NAWBO®, there are so many avenues for us today to flex our political power.

NAWBO® provides a voice for more than 10 million women business owners (WBOs) by backing legislation that supports WBOs in accessing capital, increasing federal procurement opportunities and securing fair and equitable tax policies for small business. Most recently, by connecting with Senator Olympia Snowe, NAWBO® helped further advance the Fairness in Women Owned Small Business Contracting Act of 2010.

What issues are most important to you and your company? How have you, or do you plan to, propel your ideas into legislative action? As always, I welcome your thoughts and stories of advocacy success.

—Helen Han, NAWBO® President and CEO

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