Driven by Our Purpose

Feb 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

As individuals, we all want to feel like we are here on Earth fulfilling a unique purpose. Or as Oprah Winfrey has said so well, “There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

As part of NAWBO, I truly feel like every one of us—from our National and chapter board leaders and staff to every member of every chapter and every partner—is helping to fulfill a unique purpose: To help women business owners succeed and grow. We do that in so many ways, unlike any other organization:

We are the single greatest asset for women entrepreneurs. Women have a voice that needs to be heard and NAWBO is that voice. When women are at the table, they can change the nature of the conversation. They can impact the solution.

• We are the springboard for their success: Whether you are the owner of a $20 million business or just starting out, NAWBO is a one-stop resource for you to build and grow your business, in collaboration with women from all different industries and backgrounds who are working together to build profitable businesses.

We give women entrepreneurs access: As our members know so well, we provide access to webinars, public policy calls, leadership development trainings and the National Women’s Business Conference, but you can also tap into local NAWBO leaders and events that impact your bottom line.

We are a powerful connector: Through NAWBO’s partnerships, you’re given the opportunity to build sustainable relationships with well-connected and high-profile brands, grow your business in unfamiliar markets and tap into new customer segments.

We are anytime, anywhere: Even if you don’t live in a market with a local chapter, you can gain access to all of the tools you need to build your business and see it thrive. Our Virtual Chapter features exclusive events, programming, social activities and virtual Connect & Learns each month.

One of the things I perhaps love most about NAWBO, though, is that it is bigger than us all. As members, we are part of a community of advice, support, recognition and celebration. We are a movement of women who are passionate about working together to affect social change and make direct and tangible differences within their communities.

This March, we hold our Spring membership drive. I hope you will share NAWBO’s purpose and value with all the women entrepreneurs you know who would benefit from belonging. Invite them to a local chapter event or to the National Women’s Business Conference 2017 in Minneapolis. Connect them with a few of your NAWBO sisters for networking or even business opportunities. Forward them a copy of your NAWBO ONE monthly e-publication—starting with this January edition with the theme of “What’s Your Why?” Or share a link to this blog on your social media pages. Help us to help even more women entrepreneurs succeed and grow!

—Teresa Meares, 2016-2017 National Board Chair

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