Dream Big with Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide For Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big

Jun 13, 2018 | Books We Love


If you’re like Julia Pimsleur, you have a full plate. Business owner, mother, board member and active in her community, she found herself struggling to do it all. Yet, she loved every aspect of it and didn’t want to give anything up. She also was passionate about growing her business to new heights. The solution? Understanding when to delegate, get extra coaching and how to network to have it all.

In her audiobook, Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide For Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big, Julia shares her personal story of building her own company, Little Pim, and raising millions in capital to continue its growth. Her personal stories provide great examples of how resources and strategies are needed to overcome challenges all business owners face—especially those who are struggling to raise a family at the same time.

For example, when feeling overwhelmed with too many commitments, Julia hired a coach to help her organize her time. By simply figuring out the 5 percent of her time during the day that she did best, Julia was able to delegate other commitments throughout her day to ensure she was most productive and efficient in all aspects of her life.

She also shares stories of other successful women business owners who raised capital and developed multi-million-dollar companies from scratch by leveraging key strategies and resources. The book also contains exercises to help readers take ideas from theory to practice and move forward on your journey as a business owner. As Julia illustrates, every entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges; it’s developing tools and resources to confront those challenges that will take your business to new heights.


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