Cultivating Confidence

Mar 17, 2024 | Uncategorized

As women entrepreneurs, confidence can make all the difference in our hustle and ability to overcome the unique set of challenges we face. It propelled us when we launched our businesses, and continues to push us forward as we introduce new products and services, expand into markets and step into the spotlight as experts. It gives us that superpower to believe in ourselves and our ideas. In fact, higher self-confidence is associated with increased entrepreneurial success.

So how do we cultivate it? A strong support network is the number one builder of confidence for women business owners and that starts with building connections. The more confident you feel in reaching out and connecting with new people, the more successful your networking will be. Likewise, the more successful your networking, the more confident you’ll feel in your connections and support. For our members, NAWBO is that strong support network of women entrepreneurs who understand and consistently show up for one another.

Continuous learning is also a great builder of confidence. That’s because confidence isn’t only about knowing your strengths; it’s also about recognizing and embracing areas of improvement. Get comfortable with taking risks and trying new things. To set yourself up for success, just learn as much as you can before diving in. Seek feedback from your trusted network on areas where you need improvement or where you have failed, then use that information to develop success strategies. NAWBO offers so many local and national opportunities to learn throughout the year—take full advantage of those.

In addition to knowing the areas where you need improvement, know your greatest strengths. What unique talents and abilities do you bring to the table as a woman entrepreneur? What things come naturally to you and what do you dislike doing? Self-awareness is key to unlocking your full potential and creating a powerful foundation for growth. Identify what you’re great at and develop strategies for using these strengths and delegating to your advantage. This will give you a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction, which helps to build more confidence.

Additionally, taking care of yourself physically and mentally can help you stay focused and motivated as a woman business owner. You’ll feel good and therefore feel more confident in yourself and your decision-making. Practice self-care techniques such as exercising, reading, journaling, cooking or enjoying another hobby that helps to reduce your stress. You’ll be able to clear your mind, relax and refocus on what you need to do to succeed—on your own terms—in both life and business.

Finally, mindset is a critical component of confidence and pursuing your dreams. Adopt a positive mindset that embraces possibility and believes in favorable outcomes. This doesn’t mean ignoring reality or pretending that everything is perfect, but rather it means acknowledging the facts and finding benefits and solutions. Optimism can serve as an important catalyst for innovation, problem-solving and resilience. It also can inspire your team and customers and attract exciting new opportunities.

This spring, NAWBO has an in-person event, NAWBO Days, that will give you an incredible boost in confidence. We’ll have opportunities for connections and support, learning, celebrating success, practicing self-care and using our strengths to have our voices heard and to create positive changes for ourselves and women business owners everywhere. I hope to see you there!

—Lisa Coppola
2023-2024 NAWBO National Board Chair
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