Creating More Powerful, Defining Moments

Apr 16, 2024 | National Blog

As women entrepreneurs, we all have powerful, defining moments—from the moment when we first knew that entrepreneurship was the path we would take to milestone moments in our businesses like hiring our first employee, moving from our home into office space, introducing a new product or service, making a major process or technology improvement or even acquiring another company.

At NAWBO, we’ve had extraordinary moments in our nearly 50-year history, too—from the moment when our founding members decided to exchange business best practices, form NAWBO and invite other entrepreneurial women to join them to the time when our leaders helped to successfully advocate for H.R. 5050, the Women’s Business Ownership Act, to be signed into law.

So how can we, as women business owners and NAWBO members and supporters, create more powerful, defining moments, those moments that shape us and have a transformative effect on our confidence, perceptions and behaviors? In the book The Power of Moments by authors Chip and Dan Heath, they talk about how defining moments tend to include one or more of these four elements:

• Elevation (an awe-inspiring moment that rises above the routine)

Apply it! Think about how you feel when you see or experience something really special like the solar eclipse this month (we had totality in Buffalo!) that won’t happen again for 20 years. Now, think about ways you might elevate your business and NAWBO in big and small ways to create that “wow” for others.

• Insight (an “aha” moment of insight where something becomes clear or makes sense)

Apply it! Keep an open mind because you can have these moments at any time, in any place. It might be a profound idea you get from reading a book or listening to a podcast or from a conversation with a team member, family member or NAWBO member that changes everything.

• Pride (a moment when we’re proud of who we are and what we have accomplished)

Apply it! Take time to soak in this emotion and celebrate yourself and the milestones and goals you have reached. They don’t happen every day. But they do happen, if we take a moment to notice. These simple acts will boost your confidence and validate that you’re headed in the right direction and have what it takes to succeed.

• Connection (a moment that unites us with others and deepens our bonds)

Apply it! Have you ever felt like you’re “in it together” with a group of women entrepreneurs or friends who understand and want the same thing? Amazing, right? Find ways to unite with others, meet new friends and strengthen existing bonds to create moments together.

In just a few weeks, on June 3-5, NAWBO is headed to Washington, DC, for a truly elevated experience where we’ll gain important insights, feel pride in our leadership and advocacy and make and strengthen our connections. Don’t miss the opportunity to join me and your fellow women entrepreneurs to create more powerful, defining moments together at NAWBO Days!

—Lisa Coppola
2023-2024 NAWBO National Board Chair
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