Check in With Yourself! 20 Questions for Emotional Wellness

May 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

Spending time with yourself can feel like another task in a miles-long checklist, but it’s so worth the effort. It can be in the form of reflection, journaling, meditation or even talking to a therapist. The important thing is that you assess your physical and emotional needs and make a plan to address issues like stress, anxiety, reactivity or depression that can crop up for all women, but especially women business owners. Remember, there’s no shame in getting the help you need to be your best, healthiest self!

  1. How am I feeling right now?
  2. How can I express my gratitude today?
  3. Am I fighting life or inviting life?
  4. Is stress in my life accumulating from lack of play?
  5. In what ways am I avoiding my truth? 
  6. Is there something I did or a quality I have that I can acknowledge and appreciate?
  7. What is the most loving and supportive thing I can do for myself right now?
  8. Is there a boundary I need to communicate to respect my own needs?
  9. When I listen to my body, what does it need? Movement? Nourishment? Rest?
  10.   Can I do this on my own? If not, who can I reach out to for help?
  11.   What am I holding onto? And would it benefit me to let it go?
  12.   What am I excited to focus on?
  13.   How can I create more space in my life for people and things I love?
  14.   Who am I checking in on or connecting with today?
  15.   What’s one small thing I can do to better care for myself today?
  16.   Am I having repetitive thoughts that are no longer serving me? Can I give myself permission to let these go?
  17.   What can I forgive myself for? And who can I offer forgiveness to?
  18.   What can I do to feel beautiful, strong and powerful right now?
  19.   When is the last time I moved my body with intention? (Danced, ran, etc.)
  20.   Have I taken a moment to just breathe today?

If you feel like your mental health could use a boost, check out some of the great articles from our members and a partner on mental health specifically for women business owners in this issue of NAWBO ONE. Additionally, here is a great resource for talking about mental health with others who might be struggling.


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