Caring For You Is Caring For Your Business

Aug 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Entrepreneurship has so many positives—your time is yours to control, you are building something you love and you have the opportunity to surround yourself with people you choose and create the culture you want.

While all this is wonderful, calling the shots and being responsible for the success of your company and the livelihood of yourself and others can be a lot to carry on your shoulders. It can lead to stress, anxiety, exhaustion and more.

That’s why it’s important to care for yourself so that you’re able to show up as the best version of yourself every day. It will make you a better leader and a happier person. And it’s as simple as taking small actions that help you to stay healthy and prevent illnesses.

Here are some self-care ideas to consider:

Breathe Deep: Controlled and mindful breathing stabilizes blood pressure and staves off stress. If you have trouble remembering to breathe deeply, practice yoga or other guided exercises that focus on breath until it comes naturally.

Get Exercise: Regular aerobic exercise boosts the part of your brain responsible for memory and learning. If you don’t belong to a gym, incorporate 15- to 20-minute chunks of exercise throughout your work week: take the dog for a walk or do a circuit of strength exercises.

Sleep Well: Sleep deprivation contributes to reduced decision making ability and creativity.  You might get more done by burning the midnight oil, but at what cost? Build a routine that includes good sleeping habits—and try to catch a solid eight hours.

Eat Right: Your food choices have a direct impact on your brain’s performance, so choose wisely. The best way to do that is to plan ahead. Prepare healthy snacks and meals for the week, portioned out in the fridge. Go for lots of greens and water.

Connect Often: Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path that takes a toll mentally and emotionally, so connecting is a must. Tap into your NAWBO sisterhood. Make time for family and friends. Meet with clients and vendors face to face.

Head Outside: You make the rules and that means you can work from anywhere at times. Too much stale air can decrease productivity, so head outside with your laptop and soak in some fresh air and vitamin D.

Love Your Space: Your workspace is where you spend the majority of your waking hours, so make sure it’s designed to make you feel happy and motivated. Small improvements like a splash of paint or plants can elevate your mood.

Treat Yourself: Set goals and then reward yourself for your hard work and small victories, whether it’s new earrings or your favorite take-out. Rewards can motivate you through rough patches, too.

Lastly, be sure to check out the NAWBO Institute (create a user profile if you don’t already have one) for recordings of our virtual programming, including several self-care topics and a social network where you can connect daily. Also, if you’ve reached the $1 million mark with your current or a previous business, check out how the Circle program can help you rethink success and nurture all areas of your life as a woman business owner.

—Cristina Morales Heaney
  2021-2022 NAWBO National Board Chair

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