Bossible’s Networking Secret Sauce

Nov 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

A well-known saying goes, “Your network is your net worth.” As most business leaders know, networking is an important part of business growth and is key to establishing your brand and forging strong connections in any industry. Yet, it’s not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. That’s precisely why Bossible was born.

Designed as a go-to strategic partner for branding, marketing and business development services, Bossible was created by Emily Griesing and Jessica Mazzeo in 2018. The company also offers special services to help women, minority, veteran and LGBTQ-owned businesses become certified. Bossible has also been lauded as a great resource for all-things networking, especially as the pandemic has left many of us out of practice. “Over the last couple of years, networking and building business has changed dramatically. One thing that hasn’t changed is that building your client base boils down to generating real relationships,” Jessica says. “Getting to know people—that is the core foundation of becoming a good networker.”

With first-hand experience as an exhibitor with Bossible at this year’s NAWBO National Women’s Business Conference, Emily and Jessica note that events like the conference provide a great forum for networking in a low-pressure environment. “There is just something very comfortable about being in a room full of women, especially women who are badass enough to start their own businesses,” says Emily.

“What attracts me to NAWBO and to the WBC is the ability to network with other women business owners,” Jessica says. “I always tell people when they attend conferences or events, the power hold is getting to know other women business owners—they are the network that will spread your word. They will know someone who can hire you or help you. You get to meet other women business owners knowing that they are there to support others.”

As advocates for other women business owners, Emily and Jessica are often asked to give advice on how to better network. Read below for some of their top tips to get you started!

  • Dress the part: wear clothing that makes you feel great and confident and gives a good first impression.
  • Don’t come to an event with an ask; instead, be open to meeting new people, asking questions and forging genuine connections with others. Trust that this will lead to business growth.
  • Practice your elevator pitch! You never know when someone is going to ask you about your business. (Case in point: Jessica was once asked for her elevator pitch…on an actual elevator!)
  • Don’t forget your business card and pass it out to those you connect with.
  • Remember the basics: smile, make eye contact and give a firm handshake to best connect with others.

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