Alexis Fox Knows the Future is Female—and the Muse is Here to Prove It

Dec 14, 2022 | Member Spotlight

Maya Angelou once said, “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.” That seems to ring true for NAWBO NYC member Alexis Fox, who traded a successful career in corporate America to start a marketplace featuring exclusively female-founded products.

After graduating college, Alexis began her career as a financial consultant with Deloitte. While she achieved great success in her role, something didn’t feel right. “I was getting success but wasn’t feeling personally fulfilled,” Alexis says. “I wanted to feel that the work was worthwhile for me, too.”

After careful consideration, she decided to combine her professional expertise in financial consulting with her passion for supporting women to launch The Muse on November 1, 2022. As the first women-owned marketplace, The Muse features female-founded products in apparel, jewelry, home, beauty, health and wellness.

While The Muse is freshly launched, Alexis has already received positive feedback from customers. “I’ve gotten an overwhelming response to the idea in general,” she says. “It was a niche that needed attention. We’ve gotten a lot of support from women who want to put their money where their values are. I’ve also gotten feedback about the user experience—the actual fulfillment of orders has been great with customers getting timely and quality packaging.”

Since a huge part of achieving success with The Muse has been connecting with other like-minded women business owners, NAWBO has been a valuable resource for Alexis as she grows her business. “I was interested in networking with product-based business owners, but also learning from women who are more experienced than me,” she says. A new member of the NYC chapter, Alexis is excited to be a part of an organization that supports women and is looking forward to attending the next National Women’s Business Conference.

Looking ahead, Alexis is confident that the future is female. As she continues to grow and expand The Muse, she plans to respond to an overwhelming interest in B2B services, including client gifts and products for events. She also hopes to bring her sellers more brand awareness and act as a spokesperson for younger women entrepreneurs. She’s hopeful that NAWBO will be a mutually beneficial resource where she can engage with other women business owners to thrive.

To learn more about Alexis and The Muse, please visit the website.

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