5 Questions With Claudine Ng, Visionary Voice in School Enrichment

Jun 17, 2024 | Member Spotlight

Claudine Ng, an organizational psychologist by training, started her professional journey in the airline and consulting industries. Then, it took an entrepreneurial turn: She became the co-founder of three startups.

Currently CEO of Electivity, Claudine leads a venture dedicated to curating and administering enrichment programs at schools. Since its inception, Electivity has become a catalyst for positive change, impacting the lives of thousands of children and rapidly expanding throughout California’s San Francisco Bay Area through partnerships with both private and public schools.

A fervent advocate for women-led small businesses, Claudine has served on the Board of NAWBO San Francisco Bay Area since 2022, most recently as chapter president. In this capacity, she is honored and excited to collaborate with fellow members to advance the NAWBO mission of empowering and supporting women business owners.

Beyond these professional pursuits, Claudine is a mother to twins and is a trained classical pianist, while she mostly enjoys playing the piano for herself. Here, we ask her five questions to get to know this NAWBO member and leader even better:

1) If you had to describe yourself in one word as a woman entrepreneur, what would it be and why?

“Resilient. Leveraging my resilience, I have overcome numerous challenges and obstacles, including navigating the company through the COVID period when schools were closed. As an entrepreneur, you are bound to encounter numerous challenges and setbacks along the way. However, instead of letting them deter me, I’ve used them as opportunities to learn, grow and adapt. My resilience has enabled me to persevere through tough times, bounce back from failures and continue moving forward towards my goals. It’s a quality that has been instrumental in my journey as an entrepreneur, allowing me to overcome obstacles and achieve success despite the odds.”

2) You have lived and worked on four continents. How do you think this gives you a unique perspective as a woman business owner?

“Combining my background in psychology with the experience of living and working across four continents gives me a unique perspective as a woman business owner:
Cultural Understanding: I’ve always found intercultural business fascinating. Exposure to diverse cultures has not only broadened my horizons, but also enhanced my ability to navigate cultural nuances in business interactions. This adaptability helps me tailor my approach and communication style, fostering cultural competence and driving company growth.
Global Network: Building connections across continents has been an enriching journey. It has not only expanded my reach, but also provided invaluable insights and opportunities for both business and personal growth.
Adaptability: Living and working in diverse environments has taught me the importance of adaptability. As a business owner, I am better equipped to navigate changing market conditions, and business landscapes, allowing me to respond to challenges effectively.”

3) Can you share about your passion for education and why your work at Electivity is so important to you?

“Having been raised and educated in Singapore, I have been shaped by its rigorous education system, which encourages project work and diligence. Inspired by this experience, I founded Electivity, a mission-driven company dedicated to offering enrichment programs. Our programs provide students with a diverse range of activities and learning experiences that complement their formal education. We believe in making learning enjoyable beyond the traditional classroom setting. At Electivity, our goal is to instill a love for lifelong learning in children and cultivate the joy of discovery.”

4) What does Electivity do better than anyone else right now when it comes to enrichment programs?

“What if your child gets to learn in-person or online from a Chess Master? This is what Electivity does: We offer a free, one-stop service and partner with the best instructors, delivering a full spectrum of enrichment programs that include arts, sports, STEM, language and music. Serving schools all over the Bay Area, we’re committed to making these programs accessible to all students, including underserved communities, through scholarships. From circus performers to carpenters to IT professionals, our teachers are experts in their respective fields, bringing years of experience and passion to their teaching. Additionally, our providers are local business owners who are dedicated to serving their communities. At Electivity, we operate on an ecosystem model, fostering collaboration and support among all stakeholders involved in enriching the lives of students.”

5) How has NAWBO been life- and business-changing for you, and how have you been proud to shape the NAWBO experience for other entrepreneurial women by serving on your chapter Board?

“Serving on the Board has allowed me to contribute to shaping the NAWBO experience for other entrepreneurial women in my community and help develop and implement programs and initiatives that empower women business owners. Being a small business owner myself, I am a passionate advocate for women-led small businesses. Through NAWBO, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with a diverse and dynamic community of entrepreneurial women who have provided invaluable support, guidance and inspiration. Being part of NAWBO has also allowed me to pay it forward by supporting other women on their paths and I am proud to be a part of an organization that is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs and making a positive impact in the business community.”

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