Why Trying to Be on Ellen, Steve Harvey and Good Morning America Keeps Your Brand Small

May 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

By Meredith Liepelt, owner of Rich Life Marketing and NAWBO-Columbus member

That doesn’t even sound right, does it?

I know. But stay with me here.

You’ve probably heard for years to “dream big” and “go big” and that kind of thing. Me too. And yes, I’m all for it, especially when it comes to your brand and reputation.

But here’s the problem as it relates to increasing your brand and raising your profile using the media: Being on Ellen, or any specific media outlet for that matter, is not a marketing plan. It’s a dream. It’s a dream worth having and pursuing, but it’s important to understand what pursuing really looks like.

Pursuing big media wins is about working out your messaging, talking points, pitching skills, demonstration skills, clothing, hairstyle and all the other nuances it takes to get any media coverage. A great place to work on these components of your brand is in local, regional or niche media. That way, when you decide to go for top-tier placements, you’re truly ready for the big time.

Now you may be saying, “But I know someone who was booked on a big-time show without having much experience.”

Sure, you could have the good fortune to meet a decision-maker at your dream top-tier media outlet and get yourself booked based on your personality and ability to pitch yourself succinctly with your polished sound bites and clever branding. It could happen.

You could also win the lottery.

But basing your financial future on winning the lottery, I’m sure you would agree, is not a plan. So why do so many of us base our business success on “making it” onto a specific top-tier show?

Instead, pursue your dream by taking consistent action, learning and growing along the way. Get practice, hone your skills, test your talking points and so forth. In other words, do the work. Don’t miss the personal development and growth. That’s your breakthrough.

If you just wait around for the day that Steve Harvey or Good Morning America calls, or only pursue those big media outlets, you are keeping yourself small while fooling yourself that you are thinking big. And you’re keeping yourself and your brand from being featured in other amazing outlets that likely reach your audience.


Meredith Liepelt is the owner of Rich Life Marketing, a personal branding and PR firm for high-performing entrepreneurs who want to tap into the power of the media to get or stay in the spotlight. She is also a member of NAWBO-Columbus. Learn more at www.RichLifeMarketing.com.

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