WBC2017 Is Bringing Women Together Next Month to Thrive

Sep 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

As NAWBO members across the nation can attest to, we are stronger and more successful business owners when we come together. That’s why the theme of this year’s National Womens’ Business Conference, “Together We Dare,” is so fitting. Hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from October 15-17, members will have the chance to come together to discuss, share and learn from experts and each other on key ways to grow and thrive as business owners.

Check out these exciting breakout sessions we’re looking forward to—they’re tailored for owners of differently sized businesses:

Growing Through NAWBO

Small business owners and million-dollar business owners alike will join together to explore NAWBO resources with chapter based and national experts to help you grow your business even bigger and better. 

“NAWBO Success Opportunity”—Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Discover “Five Smart Strategies to Leverage NAWBO to Build Your Business.” Collaborate with other driven members to improve yourself personally and professionally.

“Daring Leadership”—Leading Through the Generations

A diverse panel of women business owners representing five different decades will share leadership expertise and discuss differences, commonalities and opportunities for collaboration.

“Savvy Solopreneur”—Success Panel: Choose Your Path to Scale and Grow

Hear from a panel of successful solopreneurs who built their businesses their own way.

“Small-Medium Business Breakthrough”—Success Panel: The Pitfalls and Opportunities of the Small-to-Medium Business

Learn from other business owners’ experiences, mistakes and successes in this candid discussion covering topics like cyber-security, overtime issues, attracting talent and the multi-generation workforce.

“NAWBO Success Opportunity” —NAWBO’s Role in Public Policy

Public policy experts will discuss legislative and regulatory issues facing women business owners right now—and how you can take action on behalf of your business.

“Daring Leadership”—Setting Goals & Priorities

How do goal setting and priorities affect culture? Take part in this discussion moderated by Bank of America.

“Savvy Solopreneur”—Virtual Assistance & Delegation Strategies, Time Management

Learn management strategies to enhance your business and boost your efficiency.

“Small-Medium Business Breakthrough”—Big Growth Opportunities You Never Knew Existed

Get an inside look at huge opportunities in government contracts and supplier diversity programs from key business experts in both fields.

“NAWBO Success Opportunity International”—Exporting Entrepreneurism

Find out how your entrepreneurial expertise can help to empower overseas women to grow their own businesses and improve communities and families around the world.

“Daring Leadership”—How to Break the $1 Million Mark

There are a lot of hurdles for women business owners seeking to break the $1M annual revenue mark. Despite fewer resources for support, this panel of women did it and are sharing their secrets for success.

“Savvy Solopreneur”—How to Market BIG Even When It’s Just You

Facebook sponsors this exciting presentation on branding, marketing and business development for businesses of all sizes.

“Small-Medium Business Breakthrough”—Marketing Strategies to Keep Growing and Avoid the Feast-or-Famine Cycle

Stay up to date on leading ways to market your business for continued growth and success.

There’s still time to register! Don’t miss out on this premier annual event for women entrepreneurs. Register today!

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