Moving Into 2021 With Clarity and Discipline

Jan 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

By Molley Ricketts, founder and president of Incipio Workplace Solutions

Last year at this time, I was trying to come up with a theme to carry me into 2020. I chose “clarity.” Little did I know what was coming! After the first few months of coping with the pandemic, my mindset left clarity behind and switched to “frustration.” Like most of us, I was trying to understand “why”—both professionally and personally. But now, as we enter the tenth month of COVID-19, I’ve come to think that “clarity” was the correct choice after all. Here’s why:

Before the pandemic, I would stretch myself as thin as possible. As an example, I often attended two, three or sometimes even four networking events a night just to “show my face.” Now that those events have gone away for the most part, it’s given me a chance to slow things down and adopt “intentional” as my revised 2020 word. I’ve learned over these past months to be better able to evaluate what’s important and what’s impactful. I’ve been able to rededicate myself in terms of time and resources. I’ve learned that by saying “no” it has actually increased the times I’m able to say “yes.” 

Wondering what my word will be for 2021? I’m going with “discipline.” All of the things I’ve learned through the clarity of 2020 have taught me to be “disciplined.” My goal going forward is that everything I do, professionally and personally, will now be done intentionally with gratitude, dedication and commitment. I have promised myself I will look at everything and decide where I could be the most valuable.

I’m looking at this “new normal” as an opportunity. I’m going to remain focused and I’m not going to let myself fall back into that old life and be overwhelmed when the pandemic ends. And that has me excited about 2021!


About the Author…
Molley Ricketts, a member of NAWBO-Kentucky, founded and sold her first human resources consulting firm in 2010. She began her business as a contract recruiter, and over the course of several years worked with ACCENT, Luckett & Farley Architects and Engineers and GE Intelligent Platforms/Yoh. Molley enjoys helping businesses hire better people and build better teams using superior technology and social strategies the web has brought the recruiting business. Learn more here.


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