Midterm Elections Offer a Time to Be Heard

Sep 7, 2010 | Uncategorized

Since our founding, NAWBO has worked to be a voice of influence for women business owners. Together, with a collected unified message, we’ve made impact on key issues that have helped women business owners nationwide, whether they are NAWBO members or not.

From working on securing access to capital for women-owned businesses to seeking increased federal procurement opportunities, and affordable heath care options for small businesses to fair and equitable trade treatment, at NAWBO we believe that it’s imperative for women business owners to have a voice. Like Dr. Terri Neese, recipient of NAWBO’s Gillian Rudd Business Leadership Award, has been known to say: “If you run a business and are not involved in politics, then politics will run your business.”

There are hundreds of opportunities for NAWBO members to get involved. This fall, I challenge you to at least two.

  1. Vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Regardless of your political preferences, the upcoming elections are important and play an important part in the direction of the economy moving forward.
  2. Consider your contribution to the NAWBO Political Action Committee. In the coming months, you’ll be hearing from NAWBO as we build out our PAC to further engage with our leaders in Washington DC and further support our members.

How else will you engage in politics this fall?

—Helen Han, NAWBO President and CEO

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