How Federal Stimulus Dollars are Impacting the Green Initiative

Apr 29, 2010 | Uncategorized

Since last year, businesses in every sector have been looking for ways to build their businesses by accessing federal stimulus dollars. A large part of the stimulus package went to businesses that are developing new types of clean energy. Still, there are significant opportunities for businesses who want to sell their green products to the government. Nancy Sutley, head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality pointed out during an interview with, “The federal government buys a huge number of products and services so when we do something, we want to do it as sustainable as possible.”  The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive is working to green the government by offering a huge procurement opportunity for small business owners. Don’t shy away from procurement opportunities, especially when you have a green or sustainable product to sell. It’s an exceptional chance for women business owners.

—Helen Han, NAWBO President and CEO

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