An Eye Toward the Future

Jun 30, 2010 | Advocacy, Uncategorized

Life is busy; especially for women business owners.

While women leaders juggle the ups and downs of business and life, the day-to-day challenges are often consuming. That’s especially true during this time in our economic history when leaders are rolling up their sleeves to help teams who are doing more with less…for less.

Still, the problem with just “keeping up” with the day-to-day challenges internally is that the crucial business of thinking ahead goes by the wayside. Focusing on key initiatives like advocacy, capacity building, sustainability and diversity are key to moving businesses forward. Yet during these tough times, business owners often cast future goals aside so they can deal with the challenges right in front of them. It’s understandable; it’s just not advisable.

NAWBO, itself, has undergone a huge operational transformation over the past two years. While in the midst of this change, our organization is challenged to continue to think ahead. It’s NAWBO’s charge to keep the business “carrot” three feet in front of you, the business owner; and to inspire you to think ahead when there seems to be no time to do it. Objectives like strategic thinking and community involvement are even more critical when businesses fall on hard times. Indeed, it’s the advocacy at the state and federal levels that will ultimately help women-owned businesses secure procurement opportunities, credit, tax incentives and improved health care.

Visit NAWBO’s website at to see how our June conference events helped women-owned businesses partner with our affiliates to handle day-to-day challenges, plus reach out to political and community leaders to advocate one voice for the future. As the only dues-based organization serving women’s business owners around the world, NAWBO is here to help you meet the challenge of having a strong approach to current operations, while still keeping an eye on the future. We hope you are joining us in this important endeavor.

—Helen Han, NAWBO President and CEO

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