We are kicking off 2018 with a search for a part-time Executive Director. Do you know someone who is passionate about women-owned businesses, is based in the Bay Area, has fantastic organizational skills and is comfortable seeking out corporate funding?   The full job description is below. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to our president: [email protected].  

NAWBO SFBA P/T Executive Director

Job Description

Position Summary

The primary functions of the NAWBO Chapter Executive Director are to provide vision, leadership and advocacy for women business development in the respective chapter and to prioritize and promote the NAWBO mission. The Chapter Executive Director is responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation and refinement of programs to increase and enhance women-owned business opportunities.  Direct responsibilities include providing professional management of all day-to-day operations of the NAWBO chapter office, establishing and maintaining organizational structure, supervising staff, maintaining financial control and directing program management. The NAWBO SFBA Executive Director also provides assistance to corporate sponsors and women-owned businesses on issues including, but not limited to, women purchasing programs, women-owned business development, marketing women-owned businesses, industry trends in women-owned businesses and managerial operations of women-owned businesses.  The NAWBO SFBA Executive Director reports directly to the NAWBO Chapter’s President of the Board. The NAWBO SFBA Executive Director is accountable for adhering to the standards of the National Association of Women Business Owners.



·       Work with Chapter Corporate Sponsorship Committee to increase corporate sponsorships by recruiting and developing new sponsors.

·       Increase women-owned business membership and available services.

·       Develop services designed to assist existing corporate sponsors in the women-owned business efforts and encourage utilization of women-owned businesses.

·       Determine areas of opportunity and communicate those opportunities to women-owned business members.

·       Work with NAWBO SFBA Membership Committee to develop membership campaigns along with other special events programs and activities, which will allow increased revenue to support the continued operations of the NAWBO SFBA.

·       Assist the NAWBO SFBA Marketing/Public Relations Committee in promoting NAWBO to potential members and corporate partners and developing community relations, create and produce public relations materials, fundraising letters and other appropriate items.

Administration of NAWBO SFBA Business

·       NAWBO SFBA Executive Director has, subject to President of the Board oversight, full management responsibility for the day-to-day operations of NAWBO chapter office and staff.

·       Coordinate and support NAWBO SFBA Board standing committees and each committee’s respective functions.

·       Develop and establish policies and objectives, approved by President of the Board and Board, consistent with those to the organization to ensure efficient operation of the organization and each committee.

·       Function as Resident Agent; supervise the filing requisite State and Federal reports.

·       Assist Chapter Secretary with preparation of minutes and maintenance of records.

·       Perform any assigned miscellaneous job-related duties.

Financial Issues

·       Assist in preparation of the NAWBO SFBA annual budget.

·       Assist in any proposals and grant writing for the NAWBO SFBA fund-raising activities.

·       Assist with the planning, developing, and implementing strategies for generating resources and/or revenues.

·       Advise the NAWBO SFBA Board on any issues regarding taxes, insurance and other financial matters.

·       Maintain financial records; assist the Chapter Treasurer in the preparation and distribution of financial reports.

Direct Planning & Implementation of NAWBO SFBA Programs

·       Plan and implement monthly chapter-wide programs and events.

·       Assist with vetting and sourcing speakers for NAWBO Connects (for months when there is no chapter wide event)

·       Monitor all standards of operation required by NAWBO National and immediately inform the Chapter’s President of the Board of any problems concerning compliance with such standards.

·       Oversee the publication of periodic newsletters and dissemination of all information about NAWBO and its programs to corporate sponsors, prospective corporate sponsors, women-owned businesses, prospective women-owned businesses and, as appropriate, the media.

·       Coordinate any training seminars offered by NAWBO and or the local business council.

·       Assist with the implementation of NAWBO’s Strategic Plan.

·       Research, identify and asses the current and emerging supplier development needs of corporate sponsors and the business community at large; evaluate existing programs and services, initiate new programs, modify an enhance existing programs as appropriate and as directed.

Desired Qualifications, Knowledge and Competencies Include:

Interpersonal Skills

·       Must demonstrate outstanding organizational and managerial skills.

·       Possess effective and active listening skills while being a consensus builder.

·       Able to build internal and external relationships.

·       Must be a self-starter and willing to lead and initiate any particular subject and/or project.

·       Must understand, believe and be compassionate in NAWBO’s mission and values.

·       Strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.

Administration/Administrative Skills

·       Ability to supervise and train staff, including organizing, prioritizing and scheduling work assignments.

·       Ability to identify and secure alternative funding/revenue sources.

·       Ability to foster a cooperative work environment.

·       Ability to organize resources and establish priorities.

·       Ability to establish and control operating budgets and cost control processes.

·       Develop annual budgets, monitor expenditures, maintain assets, oversee financial management systems, manage contractual human resources and project obligations and supervise completion of annual audit.

·       Ability to develop grant proposals and contracts and to oversee contract compliance, evaluation and implementation.

Communication Skills

·       Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

·       Ability to develop and deliver presentations.

·       Ability to communicate and interact with officials at all levels of the business community and local government.

·       Develop and maintain relationships with key organizations and pursue strategic partnerships with targeted organizations work with the Chapter’s President of the Board and Board to develop, coordinate and implement fundraising campaigns and other programs to secure funding.

Minimum Educational and Job Experience Requirements: *

·       Experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified is preferred.

·       Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or another related field.

·       Experience with Event Planning

·       5 years’ work experience

·       Fundraising experience from private and public sources.

·       Knowledge of corporate supplier diversity programs.

·       Knowledge of marketing strategies, processes and available resources.

·       Knowledge and understanding of current and emerging supplier and industry development needs within the business community.

·       Skill in the use of personal computers and related software applications.

·       Ability to travel as required.

·       Experience working with Boards of Directors, Community and Business Leaders.

*The requirements listed indicate desired standards, but are discretionary.


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