Power Your Dream

Nov 9, 2022

NAWBO recently held its National Women’s Business Conference, which was virtual for the second consecutive year, but as near in-person as an online event gets. There was fun, networking, education, inspiration, resources, awards, swag and more — all designed to deliver on the conference theme’s promise of “Power Your Dream.”

Whether or not you were able to join us this year, we hope you’re finding smart and creative ways to move your dream forward despite the challenges we’ve all faced these past two years. Here are tips from Inc. Magazine to inspire you in the weeks ahead to keep pushing forward:

  • Don’t be afraid to fail: Constantly move outside of your comfort zone and remember that failure is an inevitable part of success.
  • Seek feedback: Feedback is critical to your success too. This might come in the form of competitive research or input on an idea from your NAWBO sisters.
  • Keep learning: The most successful founders and CEOs are some of the most avid learners. Read books, listen to audiobooks and take online courses.
  • Become an expert: Look for ways to show off your expertise. Speak at an event, send out a media release or start your own blog or podcast.
  • Ask for referrals: As you navigate the path of entrepreneurship, you’ll identify things y ou need, from a lawyer to capital. Ask your NAWBO sisters to whom they’ve turned.
  • Minimize the negative: You’ll meet doubters along the way who won’t understand your vision. That’s okay — just don’t spend too much time with them. Surround yourself with people who inspire you instead.
  • Build your network: If you want to really power your dream, you can’t do it alone. Network like it’s your job because the collaboration that results is truly invaluable.
  • Dream BIG: Women often underestimate their potential and fail to dream big enough. Think about “why” you started your business and the legacy you want to leave.
  • Believe in yourself: Believe you can do it and you’re most of the way there. Your journey might be rocky at times but be confident the challenges are worth it.

Lastly, remember NAWBO is here for you. As the voice of America’s 11.6 million women business owners for more than 48 years now, NAWBO has the connections, advocacy, education, resources and more to help you meet your dream — or exceed it.

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