Member Spotlight – Confidence

Mar 5, 2024

As a woman business owner, what tips can you share that help you remain confident and focused amidst the various demands of female entrepreneurship? How do you navigate challenges without letting them shake your determination and repurpose those setbacks to your advantage? 

Patty Dominguez

In the business world, especially for women leaders, navigating challenges is part of the game. For the past 11 years in business, I’ve had my share of setbacks, “failure” [which is actually just feedback], disappointments and wall kicking moments.  

Once I understood that this is all part of the journey, it helped me to become more resilient and confident, and the ripple effect of that growth will go far beyond what you can imagine.  

Through all the setbacks and obstacles, this quote helped me flip the switch when I wanted to creep into “why me?” victimhood when things would go off track:   

“Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity.” Lou Holtz 

Along this journey, make it a priority to focus on your personal growth. Mindset is key. Stay focused, positive, and remain open to learn. Let your passion quietly drive you. 

And make sure to surround yourself with like-minded people who believe in you and your vision, and who are prosperity-minded. Keep moving forward.

Lauren Ramsey
Chief Engagement Officer
Betsy Bash 

Being a business owner is by far the hardest endeavor of my life, and I encounter quite a few challenges, many that shake my confidence. I find there are a couple of things that help me navigate these challenges:

  1. Talking about them.
  2. Releasing the stress.

Talking about the challenge with colleagues who have likely experienced something similar is a way for me to vent and find a solution. Hearing that others have experienced this challenge and overcome it helps me to stay focused on the solution rather than the problem. Another way I navigate challenges is by keeping up my hot yoga practice. Hot yoga allows me to disconnect from the world and focus on myself (no phones are allowed in the room), which is a huge benefit as I work in digital marketing and social media, so I’m always “connected.” I have found that in times where I canceled the plan to save money, my mental health got worse and my patience got shorter. Yet, when I regularly go to hot yoga, it’s a great stress release, and I’m motivated by my progress. So, it’s a non-negotiable to help keep myself in a good headspace. I hope these ideas spark ways you can tackle your challenges without shaking your confidence! 


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