San Francisco Bay Area Partners | NAWBO
  • Renaissance Center

    From idea to launch, and beyond!

  • Working Solutions

    Working Solutions is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) whose mission is to provide microentrepreneurs with the access to capital and resources they need to start or grow a successful business.  They prioritize serving low-income individuals, women, and minorities.  They support microenterprise growth as a strategy to strengthen the local economy, create jobs, and build strong communities.

  • Women In Public Policy
    The Voice for Women in Business in our Nation's Capital, Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc. (WIPP) is a national nonpartisan public policy organization that advocates for and on behalf of women and minorities in business in the legislative processes of our nation, creating economic opportunities and building bridges and alliances to other small business organizations. Through WIPP, our collective voice makes a powerful impact on Capitol Hill and with the Administration.
  • Golden Gate Business Assocation (GGBA)

    The Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA) is the first business organization founded by LGBT entrepreneurs. The GGBA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit, membership-driven organization consisting of over 350 business entities, community organizations and individuals.

  • BusinessAdvising is a nonprofit program that matches small business owners with pro bono expert advisors and mentors from major banks, consulting firms, and larger companies.60% of the small businesses that Pacific Community ventures works with are owned by women, and over 50% of the hundreds of expert advisors volunteering in their program are women. Your small business can sign up for completely for free.