Shellie Berry | NAWBO

Shellie Berry |   Gateway Bank


For nearly three years, Shellie has worked for Gateway Bank, a local community bank in Mesa, as a business development officer. She meets small business owners to develop a valued banking relationship that includes business consultation, business connections, and access to capital. Her favorite way of doing this is by introducing your business to other qualified businesses and their clients so that your business can grow. This may or may not lead to a direct banking relationship with Gateway Bank, and that’s ok. It’s the culture of Gateway. Shellie knows that building mutual relationships is the key to business success. Serving the community in this way leads to referrals and repeat business down the line.


She also used to be a business owner. When Recess Kids Club first opened, the big bank rolled out the red carpet. She received lots of attention. Bank accounts, payroll support, credit cards… you name it. But when hard financial times hit, she had no one to call or care for. If only she had known a local bank and the name of her banker…


In Shellie’s own words: 


“I am now a business development officer at Gateway Bank so I can offer the invaluable banking experience to business owners I wish I had when I owned my own business. The favorite part of my job is journeying with a client in the loan process from dream to reality. Being loyal and dependable. Being a part of the success and growth of a business is exciting! Many of our clients are successful entrepreneurs who are 100% invested in what they do. They have a passion and determination that is hard to find. I enjoy cheering that on.”


Outside of work, Shellie enjoys supporting her husband as he grows his new business and helping her daughter start her own business, playing family games, hiking, and laughing at the dinner table. 

Shellie sees the value in being NAWBO because she loves the empowerment women give to one another. She even received the honor of having an article published in In Business Phoenix because of NAWBO.