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Kimberly Mitchell is the President of Home with Help. 


When asked about her business Kimberly said: 


As a young adult at the age of 25, I was very blessed that all four of my grandparents and one great-grandmother were still alive. I was close to all five of them and it was very emotional to watch their health decline the last few years of their lives as they received very poor care from untrained caregivers.


My great-grandmother, Dorothy, was an incredible woman and lived to be 103 years old. When we couldn’t take care of her anymore, my family chose to place her in a nursing home facility where she was, unfortunately, miserable. She declined because she was so unhappy. If I knew then what I know now about home care, we could have made her last years more comfortable and happy at home.


Fast forward 5 years later, and her son, Willy, my grandfather, who was also an amazing person was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. His wife, an untrained caregiver, was not the greatest about getting him his meds and prepping decent meals, etc. I often wonder how much better his last years would have been if we knew then what we know now about home care.


Within a few years, my other grandfather, Papou, was diagnosed with emphysema. He was Greek and smoked cigarettes for most of his life. My Yiayia, his wife, became his main caregiver, and she was fantastic. Of course, the downside was that she was no spring-chicken herself and during the time that she should have been resting and focusing on her health, she was a full-time caregiver. If we knew then what we know now, we would have gotten her some respite help.


The combination of witnessing these situations set me on a mission to advocate for our older generation and become a part of the solution.


Today, my husband and I own Home With Help. A trusted provider of comprehensive non-medical companionship, homemaking, and personal care services in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are committed to providing the most compassionate, respectful, and ethical care possible.


The situation that my family found themselves in is, unfortunately, all too common, but I’m here to tell you that there are other options when it comes to taking care of your loved ones.


Kimberly is a dedicated member of the Phoenix community and especially to NAWBO PHX since 2020. Kimberly has exhibited her commitment to the greater Phoenix community and to

the advancement of women in several areas. She is an active member of NAWBO, Girls Rule Foundation, Alzheimer's Association, Women's Enterprise Foundation, AZNHA, Athena Valley of the Sun, HCAOA, PASRS, and more. Kimberly is a very active volunteer as a court-appointed special advocate for foster children in the CASA program.