Debra Lee Murrow | NAWBO

Debra Lee Murrow | COLORME

Debra Lee Murrow wears many hats - Artist, Art coach, Life Coach, Play Specialist! When she was younger, Debra dominated in sales winning incentive trips almost every year. Now, in her business COLORME, her students give her many accolades every single class. Debra creates custom art canvases for parties and corporate functions. It’s a great experience and a memory for a milestone event! Her art is perfect for favors at birthdays, weddings, business events, and conference sessions. 

The way she found her art was through a spiritual journey in her late 20s. She received a deep revelation of the power of words that we use in our life and started making “words & phrases” the basis of all her artwork. But how did Debra settle on the name COLORME? 

“It was so much fun and relaxing to create the art. Then my friends started coloring my artwork…so I coined the word COLORME; because it's so relaxing and “spa” like, ART sure heals the soul!”

And Debra’s art does just that! Debra loves it when her students find their true purpose. Debra believes art can reveal a lot about what is deep inside a person, and when that coincides with something they can pull into their life, she finds it very satisfying to see people soar in their gifting.

She loves it when she’s able to make company employees shine a hidden side of their talents. When asked why she thinks her art is so successful in corporate spaces Debra stated: “I think so many people working at companies all want to express themselves apart from the work boundaries that they are in. So when I put on my art workshop, people definitely get creative and unleash their inner artist! Usually, 9 of 10 people always ask me where they can get all the art mediums I make available during my event or class.” 

Debra is a new member of NAWBO PHX. She joined in February after being invited to a happy hour with other members. She said the nice and inviting environment from our members, plus her pursuit to join a national organization lead her to join NAWBO. 

Outside of work and NAWBO you can find Debra rollerblading, swimming, biking, and hiking. She really enjoys keeping her mind and soul active so she can continue to create beautiful art with her students!