Cheryl James | NAWBO

Cheryl James  |   CL James Consulting, LLC


Cheryl James is the founder of CL James Consulting, LLC. As a professional technical solutions and systems professional servicing Fortune 100 companies for the past 25 years, Cheryl James is motivated by a desire to help small business owners succeed and develop a corporate-level customer experience. Her comprehensive background and proven techniques help clients with improving their target audience as well as creating brand loyalty. Cheryl’s expertise is in empowering small businesses to compete on experience and not price.


After 20+ years of helping big businesses maintain their customer loyalty, she decided to share her knowledge with small business owners.  With small businesses, every customer adds to the bottom line and that's Cheryl’s specialty. Her goal is to help small business owners WIN!  Her company creates strategies that help businesses not only meet but exceed customer expectations and successfully MAINTAIN their customers. 


When asked what she was most proud of in her business, Cheryl responded:


“I'm proud that my business is able to help small business owners survive.  That we can provide training and assistance to help them GAIN, MAINTAIN & RETAIN their customers.  If a business doesn't have customers,  well you just don't have a business.”

Outside of business, Cheryl loves to travel and drink tea: “ I have two things that I love (other than my family and what I do)  TRAVEL & TEA!,  I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere! While I'm traveling I tend to purchase ALOT of tea. All types of tea.”


As one of NAWBO’s newest members, Cheryl stated that she joined NAWBO because: “She wanted to be a part of a community of like-minded women that would not only support her and offer her training but where she can help others who are on the journey.”