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More Clients, Less Marketing presented by guest speaker Mary CravetsMary Cravets

Client generation is the lifeblood of your business… but with so many marketing options, business owners often end up overwhelmed and paralyzed, or scattered and feeling ineffective, exhausted and discouraged.

Ready for some good news? By doing LESS, your marketing can be MORE effective. Embrace the practice of simplifying, and you will get more clients AND keep your sanity intact!

In this highly interactive class, you’ll discover the simplest, most effective way to generate a steady stream of high-end clients without giving up your nights and weekends. The system you’ll learn has a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs quickly generate more clients and increase their income by 50-100%.

– Learn the 6 key practices that will keep you out of the feast-or-famine cycle of client generation

– Cut back time on marketing by 50-90%, while multiplying your results and getting your nights and weekends back

– Create a customized plan that shows you exactly how to stop spinning your wheels and instead get high quality clients consistently!

  • Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2020
  • Virtual Meeting via Zoom
  • Time: 11:00am - 12:15pm

Use this link to register.

Speaker Bio:

Mary Cravets is a Client Generation Expert and International Speaker who helps entrepreneurs significantly grow their businesses without working nights and weekends. Using her methods, the majority of her clients quickly increase their income 50-100%.

Clients include the former CFO of Microsoft North America, thought-leaders in the coaching industry and rising stars in a variety of other professions.

Mary is a two-time President of a NAWBO chapter in Arizona, served on the National Board in 2016, was Chair of the President’s Assembly Steering Committee and is currently the Immediate Past President of her local Central Coast of California Chapter, which she founded.

Mary is also an avid roller coaster enthusiast and a kayaking volunteer for a wildlife protection program in Morro Bay, California.


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