Don Bremner | NAWBO

Things On The Wall -
Acrylic Canvas Artistry

Moving from New Zealand to NM created a high altitude gardening challenge for me, so I transferred my acrylic canvas artistry to the empty walls in people’s homes. I paint color and character on walls in murals that ignore the weather and BRING JOY to homeowners every day of the year.

Your ROI:
1. Forever color in a mural you chose - maybe flowers you'll never have to throw out or a landscape with special meaning for you.
2. The mural will complement and add value to your landscape and life at home.
3. NO water, weeds or work. Ever!
4. An incremental increase in your most valuable resource - your personal and family time.

Please visit my website, then invite me to your home for a FREE, no obligation, proposal.

Things On The Wall
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