Meet Junita Flowers, Junita's Jar | NAWBO

This month's #member spotlight features Junita Flowers, Founder & CEO of Junita's Jar, a purpose-driven cookie company creating conversations to educate and eliminate relationship violence against women. As a survivor of relationship violence, Junita's Jar is Junita's opportunity to combine both the joy-filled memories of her childhood AND the painful experience of an abusive relationship to create positive change. She offers a delicious indulgence of an all-time favorite treat...cookies, and sparks conversations around relationship violence. Junita's cookies that are reminiscent of your favorite childhood treats... mouthwateringly delicious. Junita's Jar is on a mission to satisfy your sweet treat cravings with cookies and fill your heart with hope. Her company is a proudly black, female founded and driven by the hope and freedom that exists for survivors of domestic abuse. #Thanks for all of the amazing work you do each day, Junita!