Meet Heather Champine | NAWBO

Partner, and Vice President of Media Production at Media Relations Agency
- Past NAWBO Board Member

What do you enjoy about being on the NAWBO-MN board or committee? Would you recommend it to members? If so, why?

After years of attending and publicizing all the inspiring NAWBO events, I am honored to have been asked to be on the board this year and to serve as the Chair of the Awareness committee.  I enjoy this group of women on so many levels. If you are looking for your tribe, this is it! This is an excellent group to share with, grow with and impact our business community.  They are smart, ambitious and are changing the world. We’re also having fun while we do it! Who wouldn't want to be part of all this? 

Tell us about your business journey/experience. Is there a surprising tidbit we can share about you or your history?

You need to love what you do!  I am my happiest when I am creating and promoting. In middle school, I was elected the chair of Arts & Publicity for all our school events. This passion followed me into high school and college.

After college, I landed a paid internship with an advertising and PR company. Shortly after that, I was hired by Media Relations Agency as a publicist. I was given the toughest projects and became known as the gal who could make it work with the media. And believe me, that is tough to do when you are promoting tongue scrapers and ergonomically correct underwear! Now 20 years later, I am a Partner and VP of media production. I lead national marketing campaigns for well-known clients including Great Clips, Bausch & Lomb and 1-800 CONTACTS. I have a staff of talented people who promote our clients nationally and in Canada. And they too love what they do! There is nothing more rewarding than helping to create a company and culture where people love the work they do each day.    

Any work-life balance tips?

As a mother of three, wife, business partner, travel enthusiast, and lover of the theater and arts, the work/life balance question comes up all the time. Women in particular, often feel pulled in many directions. Often, if one area of our lives needs more of our attention than usual, we feel we are short-changing everything else.

My tip on achieving work/life balance is, first of all realize that one day does not make or break anything. If you really need to take an entire day for family, or to focus on work, do it! Over time, it will balance out.

And, don’t compartmentalize too much. For instance, I choose to volunteer my time and energy with organizations that also complement my family and business life. It is not uncommon for my children to volunteer side-by-side with me. I enjoy blending quality family time while showing my children the importance of giving back. And, I enjoy having my husband join me at work functions or dinners involving clients. This supports my clients and gives us time together as a couple. Since we cannot create more time in the day, it’s important to blend your pursuits as much as possible. If you really put your mind to it, you’ll be amazed by where you can take this. 

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