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Are You a Dynamic Entrepreneurial Woman
Looking to Get More Involved in Exciting Initiatives?
NAWBO-MN Board President-Elect Opening
The National Association of Women Business Owners - Minnesota Chapter (NAWBO-MN) has been growing, continuously improving and is looking to bring on our next President-Elect! This inspirational leader will take over as President on July 1, 2020. 
The President-Elect should expect to spend 4-6 hours per week on NAWBO MN related business; as well as contribute to chapter leadership, membership and sponsorship development. The President-Elect will work closely with the current President for over a full year and then receive support from the Past President during her full two years as President.
If you are looking for the opportunity be a game-changer and grow in leaps as a central leader, this is it! For NAWBO MN members who have already been provided leadership through committee work or as a member of the Board, please consider nominating yourself. if you know of a NAWBO member with excellent leadership skills, please consider nominating her.
NAWBO-MN Committee Position Openings 
If you are a NAWBO-MN member (or want to be) interested in getting more involved with strategy, planning and decision making, please consider joining one of these committees:
  • Membership (includes opportunity for Member Chair or Co-Chair role)
    • Designing and implementing processes to increase our membership and drive engagement
  • Awareness
    • Further defining our mission & vision and getting our brand out to the community through social media, PR and other marketing platforms
  • Programming (includes opportunity for Member Chair or Co-Chair role)
    • Developing our programs & events to meet the needs of our membership, sponsors, partners and prospects
  • Public Policy
    • Participating in planning a public policy event backed by NAWBO to support women in business and small business in general 

Committee Members should expect to spend 5-7 hours per month on NAWBO MN related committee work.
Joining a committee is fantastic experience if you are interested joining as a future Board Member and making an impact!
For 42 years, we have provided a strong local presence backed by a national organization to help female entrepreneurs create wealth. Our programs and services are for women business owners -- large and small -- to join together for regular networking, educational programs, mentorship and support. We were the very first NAWBO chapter nationwide.

Nationally, NAWBO was founded in 1976 to open doors for women entrepreneurs by transforming public policy and leveling the playing field. Representing the issues and concerns of women-owned businesses at the national, state and local levels, NAWBO is in the forefront of advocating on behalf of women business owners and the issues that impact their companies. Each October, we celebrate HR 5050 the Women's Business Ownership Act that was enacted in 1988 in large part through the advocacy of NAWBO members across the country, in Washington, DC and in the great state of Minnesota.
Interested? Please click link below for application,
complete and submit by Friday, April 26th.
Apply Here  
Thank you for spreading the joys of leadership and women business owners.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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