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Angela Garmon

Don't Go It Alone

Guest Author: 

Recently, I was asked, why do I do what I do? When I asked a clarifying question, to narrow the topic, the person went on to ask why would I want to be president of NAWBO Phoenix while also building a business? It takes a lot to run an organization. Why put energy into it and not the business. “Awe,” I thought to myself. The question caused me to pause. Not because I hadn’t thought about it but because no one had so bluntly asked. I am sure that many people may wonder the same. So I thought I would answer that in the first blog for the chapter.

As an entrepreneur, it is tough navigating this business ecosystem. It sometimes seems that this journey can be rather arduous and lonely, wondering if I will succeed or succumb to the pressure of the unknown. What I have gathered, over time, is that every woman has a driving force, something that is propelling her towards a destination. If too many obstacles mask that driving force, need, or desire, it can create chasms. And the longer we go, the harder it is for us to figure out how to build a bridge or find a way to get back to where we need to be.