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No Fear Negotiation for Women

No Fear Negotiation for Women is a simple, effective, and repeatable tool designed to help women achieve a negotiation mindset and advance their careers. The authors, Nicole Martin and John Tinghitella, combine a deep understanding of the negotiation dynamic and personal insights into the challenges faced by women in business.

Women in the American economy have faced systemic unfairness in compensation and upward mobility. They have to work harder than their male peers to get less – a lot less, in fact: $.80 on a male dollar. This is unacceptable. In 2014, women became the majority gender in the United States. There will need to be significant changes made in workplace policy and workplace dynamics for businesses to attract and retain women as a competitive advantage. However, the women who step forward into the opportunities present in today’s economy will make a tremendous impact. Women are making progress, but not fast enough. We intend to accelerate that trend — one negotiation at a time, and without fear.

Using this resource as your guide you will learn:

  • Why We Negotiate
  • The Power of Martini Glass Thinking
  • The Power of Preparation
  • The Power of Tactics
  • The Power You Hold in a Room