Message From Our President – December

Dec 5, 2023

Greetings and Happy Holidays My NAWBO Chicago Sisters:

As we navigate the bustling landscape of both entrepreneurship AND the holidays, let’s recognize the significance of the pause. In our whirlwind of responsibilities, the power of reflection is a transformative tool for women business owners. I find solace and strength in the moments of contemplation and meditation, realizing the impact they have on my personal and professional journey.

I encourage you to stop for a moment and make a list of your accomplishments in 2023 and celebrate those accomplishments with your customers and team members in a LinkedIn article or post. Sing the praises of each article written, each podcast guest spot, new client success and supportive mentor moment. Take a moment to acknowledge the milestones, projects completed, and goals surpassed because each moment of giving and achieving is a testament to your resilience, creativity, and unwavering passion and tenacity.

Reflecting on the hurdles we faced, the strategies employed, and the lessons learned equips us with insights needed to overcome future obstacles and to build a more resilient business foundation. 

As women business owners, our lives are inherently busy, and the demands can be overwhelming. Yet, within the pause of reflection lies the antidote to burnout. It’s a deliberate act of self-care and strategic thinking—a moment to recharge, refocus, and realign our ambitions.

As members of NAWBO Chicago, our strength lies in our collective wisdom and shared experiences. Let’s harness the power of reflection to propel ourselves and our businesses forward.
I’m wishing you all a year ahead filled with continued success and inspiration.

Warm regards,


Cheryl Vargas
NAWBO Chicago President
Creative in Chief of Art Studio 928

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