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July 2021-June 2022 Editorial Calendar

July 2021
THEME: Quality vs. Quantity

Possible Topics: Scaling your business right, strategies to consider, retaining people/maintaining quality as you grow, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, July 7
Publication date: Wednesday, July 21

August 2021
THEME: Caring For YOU

Possible Topics: Why good emotional health makes you a better entrepreneur, self-care strategies, Q&A with WBO in personal/health care, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 4
Publication date: Wednesday, August 18

September 2021
THEME: Communication Is Everything

Possible Topics: Tips for best communicating with employees, customers and prospects, determining the tools that are right for you, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 1
Publication date: Wednesday, September 15

October 2021
THEME: Technology Takeaways

Possible Topics: Cyber Security Month tips, technology lessons from shifting to a remote environment that made your business better, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 6
Publication date: Wednesday, October 20

November 2021
THEME: Power Your Dream

Possible Topics: WBC2021 recap, including session coverage and takeaways, videos, attendee interviews, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, November 3
Publication date: Wednesday, November 17

December 2021
THEME: Year in Review
Possible Topics: Milestone moments, WBO reflections and resolutions, what’s next for NAWBO and our members, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, December 1
Publication date: Wednesday, December 15

January 2022
THEME: New Year, New Team
Possible Topics: Recruitment, hiring, onboarding, retention, employees vs. contractors, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, January 5
Publication date: Wednesday, January 19

February 2022
Generation Next
Possible Topics: NextGen women business owner spotlights, mentoring the next generation, issues young entrepreneurs face and overcoming those, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 2
Publication date: Wednesday, February 16

March 2022
THEME: Beyond Your Business
Possible Topics: Exit strategies, including retiring and selling your business, and how to plan for the future you want, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 2
Publication date: Wednesday, March 16

April 2022
THEME: Certified For Success
Possible Topics: Certification options, advantages, stories of women business owners who have gone through the process, supplier diversity programs, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 6
Publication date: Wednesday, April 20

May 2022
THEME: Nourish to Flourish
Possible Topics: Mental Health Awareness Month, mental health in the workplace and helping your team best navigate those, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, May 4
Publication date: Wednesday, May 18

June 2022
THEME: Culture Is Queen
Possible Topics: What company culture says about you internally and externally and why it’s so important, how to change it, roundtable with WBOs on cultures they’ve created, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 1
Publication date: Wednesday, June 15